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Please send an electronic copy of your text and abstracts to

Presentation rules for submitted texts can be consulted at our website:

Altérités accepts texts in both English and French.

Critical Reviews

Before submitting a critical review, please send us the complete bibliographic reference of the book you have selected via e-mail to

The critical review should briefly present the principal arguments of the book and offer a critical analysis of the work in question. It should position the book within the disciplinary and/or thematic debates and highlight its theoretical and methodological contributions, the quality of its writing, and the general contributions it makes to the field. We suggest shorter quotations, and keeping the number of references to a minimum.

For reviews of books written by a collective, you must present the general subject matter and focus only on those contributions and details that you found relevant.

Critical reviews should be between 750 and 1200 words.

Bibliographical Essays

Before submitting a bibliographic essay, please send us the theme and the complete bibliographic references which will be used, via e-mail to

The bibliographic essay must present a critical discussion regarding a topic (or an author) by focusing on the perspectives, the authors and the main issues being addressed.

Bibliographic essays should be between 1500 and 2000 words.

Open Topic – Special Format

Altérités publishes for the most part special topic issues. However, we encourage the submission of articles that may be not only fall outside the proposed theme, but also outside of the strict disciplinary structures of anthropology. Papers that will be considered for publication include critical essays referring to a film, the work or an artist or any other type of media. They should focus on the issues that are currently being discussed in contemporary anthropologic. They could also be in form of essays presenting a viewpoint on the same issues while stemming from other fields of study, or in other formats than that of written text, such as visual or auditory essays.

These papers can be submitted at all times and their publication will be conditional on evaluation by the Editorial Committee and by external referees. Regarding the decision to publish essays in multimedia formats, the technical limits related to the capacity of the journal’s website will also be taken into consideration. Before submitting your essays in multimedia formats, please contact us at to provide us with a description of your work.